Which is the best League among Europes top five Leagues

The question of which League is the best in the world has been a long debated topic among football fanatics over the past years.

Without a shroud of doubt Europe has the best and most entertaining Leagues across the globe, with the popular one’s being the French Ligue 1, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga and the English Premier League.

However, most football pundits and fans vehemently believe the English Premier League as the best in the world.

The French Ligue 1 has constantly been labelled as the Farmer Ligue, as many people believe it lacks competition coupled with their minimal impact in the Champions League.

The Italian Serie A just like Ligue 1 has also been dominated by a single team; Juventus for the past nine years, and their failure to make significant input in the European competitions in recent years has also made it less entertaining.

German machines as most people call them, is one of the finest Leagues in Europe that is constantly groom young players into world class, however, lack of competition from the rest of teams to match Bayern Munich in the League has also raised concerns of the Bundesliga not being competitive either.

A League that is made up of skillful and talented players. The flair and free flowing football in the Spanish La Liga and their continual dominance in European competitions makes the League stand tall among the rest and constantly rocking shoulders with the Premier League.

Arguably the best League in the world, the English Premier League is one of the most entertaining and competitive League across Europe. The pace, physique and free flowing nature of the League coupled with it competitive nature has made many pundits and fans labelled it as the best in the World.

Here is my ranking for Europes top five Leagues

1. English Premier League

2. Spanish La Liga

3. German Bundesliga

4. Italian Serie A

5. French Ligue 1

Which League do you believe is the best in the World?


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