Cristiano Ronaldo says he cannot opt to donate behind closed doors as it will cost others to starve

Portugal’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo says he would love to donate to the needy behind closed doors but that will cost other people to starve.

Ronaldo is known for his humanitarian gestures towards fellow humans through his donations to various individuals and charity homes across the world.

And in that process the ex-Real Madrid hero admitted he would have do all those charitable works behind the screens, however in doing so it will also cause some people to lose their jobs.

The 36-year-old is widely known on the globe and any news about him will pull a lot of crowd in search of those news, hence he believes there is no need to hide and make donations, but allow the cameras to capture all his good works.

Cristiano Ronaldo on why he allows cameras around him when donating

“It would be very great to donate without cameras around me, but unfortunately I will be starving who want to publish my deeds, so I allow them bring their cameras along, so everybody can eat the end of the day.”

The Juventus man has revealed that the reason behind all his good deeds boils down to the suffering he encountered during the early stages of his life, saying he and his family were living in poverty.

Ronaldo is currently on international call with the Selecao’s in Euro2020, looking to retain the trophy they won in 2016 in France.


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