The Italian belief Ronaldo could have made him become all time assister in the world if they played together

Andrea Pirlo believes Portuguese super star Cristiano Ronaldo would have made him the world’s all time assister.

Pirlo was very much confident he could have wear that crown of top creator if he had played with Ronaldo in the same team.

The former Real Madrid hero is notably known for his goalscoring prowess. Ronaldo since 2008 has been very much clinical in front of the hall post.

The Portugal international always set the internet ablaze with his goal scoring abilities. With over 800 official goals, he is now the world’s all time top scorer.

In addition, the Portuguese over took Iran great Ali Daei to become all time international top scorer.

At club level Ronaldo netted more than 300 goals in Spain to become Real Madrid’s all time top scorer.

Mostly known for his ability in front of the goal post, Pirlo believes he would have flourish with him at club level.

The ex Milan man believes he could have been recognized as the world’s all time top creator.

In an interview, Pirlo said:

“If I had played with Ronaldo in the same team, I would have be the top assister of all time.

Ronaldo and Pirlo had a short stint in Italy, during the former playing time with Juventus between 2018 and 2021.

Pirlo  believes Ronaldo would have made him all time top assister in the world


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