Mino Raiola dead at age 54 but what killed the super football agent

Who is the agent of Ibrahimovic, Pogba and Erling Halaand?

Mino Raiola dead at 54

Football has lost a great germ following the news that super agent Mino Raiola has passed on, but what killed him.

Raiola was born in Italy but moved to the Netherlands as a child, began working as an agent four decades ago. 

The super agent represented some of the biggest names in world football, including the likes of Paul Pogba, Erling Haaland and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

When did Mino Raiola died?

Mino Raiola was initially reported to be dead on 29 April 2022, after the news broke on social media.

But the agent quickly ended those speculations by tweeting he is not dead, but admitted he not feeling well.

Mino’s tweet read:

“Current health status for the ones wondering: pissed off second time in 4 months they kill me. Seem also able to ressuscitate.”

However, despite that, the terrible news became official on April 30, 2022, after Raiola’s family confirmed the super agent has passed on.

Family of Mino Raiola on what killed him

What killed football super agent Raiola?

According to reports, super agent Raiola has been ill for some months. It is believed he went under ordinary medical checks that require anestesia.

The actual sickness that killed Mino Raiola has not been specified by the family, as they plead for privacy.

With this, the family is urging the general public to remain calm on what killed the super agent.

What age did Mino Raiola died?

On April 30, 2022 Mino Raiola was reported dead at age 54, but loved once would have to wait on the family for what killed the super agent.