Garry Neville believes Manchester United can only mount a proper title challenge next season

Former Manchester United and England right-back Garry Neville has revealed his old club can only be considered title Challenger’s next season and does not see them as Premier League title contenders this season.

According to the Sky Sports pundits it is too early for Manchester United to be adjudged as title contenders following a run of decent performances, adding that they must reach the level of Liverpool and Man City before they can be truly considered as Premier League title contenders.

“They’re not there yet, I know it’s disappointing, but it isn’t surprising. I think they’re on the right track. It has been clear in the last few weeks. Drawing against Arsenal, drawing against Liverpool, losing against Sheffield United, drawing against Everton, that is not going to win you the title. And for me, I don’t expect Manchester United to win the title this year” – Garry Neville.

“I expect them next year to challenge [but I] don’t expect that there will be that centre-back in the club. Maybe another full-back. The goalkeeper situation as well that needs monitoring, no doubt, right-winger will be interesting and centre-forward, depending on how [Mason] Greenwood settles in this last few months of this season.”

“However, I would expect is them to get closer to Liverpool and City and then I expect them next year to challenge.

Next up for the Red Devils is an FA Cup tie against West Ham United before they face West Brom at the Hawthorns in the Premier League.


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