Home based players are more efficient to deliver Ghana trophies than foreign based players according to past success

Local based Ghanaian players have proven well enough to bring titles to the Black Stars compared to the foreign players.

Known as one of the power houses in African football, Ghana has lost it bragging right. Over the years the national team has lost its title winning chemistry.

Ghana for over two decades has failed to win a single trophy. The last time they did so was the 1982 African Cup of Nations.

Going back into history, all indications shows local based Ghanaian players were very much helpful to the national team back then.

Local Ghanaian players more likely to deliver title to Black Stars

For instance, the last title winning squad for the Black Stars had 20 locally based players, with only two players playing in abroad.

Some may argue that the introduction of these foreign based players led to the national team first appearance at a World Cup finals.

Yes, but have they done enough for the Black Stars? Ghana under the so called golden generations have failed to land a single title.

Notwithstanding the efforts of players playing abroad, all of Ghana’s titles were won with about 90% of its squad coming from the Ghana Premier League.

This indicates that the teams chemistry is very much high when most of the squad are home based.

Hence, this is the time for national team to turn it attention to the local League for great talents into the Black Stars setup.

The Black Stars have four African Cup of Nations titles, with their last trophy coming in the year 1982.


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