Ahead of their crucial encounter we are looking at the past games between Ghana and Nigeria

Ghana v Nigeria head to head ahead of their decisive World Cup qualifiers in March 2022. With Qatar 2022 just around the corner, only one of this two nations can make it to the World Cup finals proper.

Both Nigeria and Ghana are power houses when it comes to football in West Africa. The rivalry between these two countries not only falls on football, however, it has enlarged to music, food among others.

With each nation claiming to hold the bragging right when it comes to football. We will explore all the needed information needed to make a firm decision on who has the upper hand going into this encounter.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria have made six appearances in the FIFA World Cup. Their first outing in the competition was in 1994. Nigeria’s best result on this big stage has been in the Round of 16, achieving this feet on three occasions (1994, 1998 and 2014).

Shifting our focus to Ghana. The Black Stars on the other hand have played in only three different World Cup’s (2006, 2010 and 2014).

Making it first appearance in 2006, the Ghana national team is the last of the only three African nations to reach the quarter final stage of the competition. The Black Stars did so when the world cup was first hosted on a African soil in 2010.

Ghana and Nigeria head to head

Comparing games that has played between these two nations. Ghana and Nigeria have come up against each other on 51 occasion.

Out of that, 20 has been a stalemate between them. Moreover, four time African’s champions Ghana has further recorded 21 victories. Nigeria, three time holders of AFCON have 10 wins compared to their rivals.

Ghana v Nigeria head to head spelled out
Ghana v Nigeria head to head ahead of a crucial World cup qualifiers play-offs


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