FC Barcelona are set to offer Lionel Messi an improved offer after La Liga loan injection

Barcelona are set to secure Lionel Messi for once after obtaining a significant amount from Spanish authorities.

After battling the economic problems posed by the pandemic, La Liga has secured an incredible amount of €2.7 billion loan that will pave way for Barcelona to finalize Lionel Messi’s new contract.

CVC Capital Partners has provided the massive injection of funds and will have a 10 percent stake in a newly created company that La Liga will lead which will focus growing revenue.

Majority of the funds would invested in the club’s with Barcelona and Real Madrid set to receive the lion share.

The budgeted amount accrued for both club’s is in the region of about €280 million.

Barcelona to secure Lionel Messi after last Liga loan injection

Football finance expect, Marc Ciria disclosed to Goal, saying “90% of the €2.7m billion will fall to the clubs in the form of 40-year- soft loan.

“And out of that 70% of that will be used for investments in infrastructure, 15% to refinance debt and 15% to extend the salary limit.

“This agreement is clearly associated with a desire to inject money into the clubs to improve La Liga’s competitive balance and get closer to the Premier League.”

It is believed the Catalan side would receive approximately €280m euros, of which about €42m will be used to increase the wage limit.

This will finally enable Barca to tie down Lionel Messi, by offering the captain a new contract.

Elsewhere, Real Madrid will also receive similar amount that will enable them to reinforce their squad in-depth.

Madrid have been strongly linked with a move for Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylain Mbappe in recent months. And it is believed the money injected could allow them to begin plotting a move.


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